1xbet is one of the largest bookmakers in the world. It stands out from the others both for the solidity and security transmitted to its users and for the odds offered, which are the highest in the market.

The 1xbet website is very easy to navigate. With a light look, loading is done quickly and information is easily found. Although the site is available in Portuguese in Portugal, it is possible to easily understand all the information contained in it.

1xbet is a “darling” of the online betting market. Upon entering the site, you will notice the multitude of betting options available, in almost 30 different sports.

The highlight of this bookmaker is the 1xbet Exchange . It was 1st and remains the best betting exchange in the world, where you bet against other players as opposed to betting against the bookmaker itself.https://bonusregg.ru/ Because 1xbet does not profit from setting the odds, it charges a small fee on winning bets. As a result, bettors are offered better odds.


Create your bets on the 1xbet Exchange

100% up to R $ 120

At 1xbet Exchange , you bet against other players as opposed to betting against the bookmaker. In addition, if you don’t find interesting bets, you have the possibility to create bets and decide your own odds. 1xbet Exchange is, without a doubt, the biggest and best betting exchange in existence.

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1xbet is one of the largest bookmakers in the world, being the favorite of many players. We can cite several grounds for its popularity, although there are also some points that can be improved. Below, we list what we consider to be 1xbet’s main advantages and disadvantages:


  • Offers a huge variety of sporting events, with many betting options on each
  • It has the largest betting exchange in the world, called 1xbet Exchange
  • Offers some associated with the biggest odds on the markets
  • Broadcast numerous sporting events live
  • Deposit accepted by boleto


  • Charge a fee on winning bets on the 1xbet Exchange
  • User service is not 24h


All promotions offered by 1xbet can be found in the “Promotions” section, which can be found in the main menu of the website. 1xbet offers promotions for different sports and casino games, in addition to excellent bonuses. Here’s how to request a 1xbet welcome bonus:


100% up to R $ 120


Get up to R $ 120 in free bet when you make your first deposit at 1xbet:

  1. Click on the “Request” button for quick access to the 1xbet website
  2. Create a 1xbet account
  3. Make a deposit using the code “FWB105”
  4. Receive a free bet of the same amount deposited, up to a maximum of R $ 120

Terms and conditions:

  • New users only
  • Minimum deposit of R $ 40
  • Minimum odds of 1.50
  • Shelf life of 30 days


1xbet is an online bookmaker started in 2000, the year it launched its betting exchange called 1xbet Exchange. The success was absolute and it didn’t take long for their services to expand. In this expansion, sports betting, poker and casino sections were included. Licenses to offer these services were awarded in Malta and the United Kingdom.

1xbet Exchange is what makes this betting site unique. It is the largest betting exchange in the world, with 3 million users and making around 5 million transactions every day. To satisfy every person, the site is available in 17 different languages.


If you are a football fan, you may have seen the 1xbet logo somewhere, even if it went unnoticed. She currently sponsors major international clubs like Barcelona, ​​Juventus, Arsenal and Sevilla.


  • 1xbet Odds

The odds offered by 1xbet are among the most attractive in the sports betting market, which certainly draws the attention of bettors who wish to profit high from their online bets.

But does not stop there. Odds even more attractive than those offered in the sports market can be found on the 1xbet Exchange, as the bettors themselves decide it and not the bookmaker. To profit from your betting exchange, 1xbet charges a percentage of the winning bets.

  • 1xbet Live Betting

1xbet is definitely a good option for those who like to place live bets. You can find betting options in practically all the main football games that take place all over the world, as well as in countless other sporting events, of the most different modalities.

1xbet’s live betting service is very efficient, both on the 1xbet Exchange and in the sports market.

  • 1xbet Live Streams

1xbet offers excellent quality live streams, which are very easy to access. The variety is wide, although not all events are broadcast. To find out if the match you are interested in watching and betting will be broadcast, we recommend that you check the schedule on the betting website itself.

  • Cash Out 1xbet

1xbet offers Cash Out at most sporting events. This feature is very easy to access and use while you are watching a live match. Cash Out is an option given to the bettor to close their bet, in whole or in part, before the game comes to an end. In this way, the bettor can guarantee a profit or decrease a loss, according to the momentary situation of the game.

In addition to full or partial cash out, 1xbet offers automatic cash out. When choosing this option, the bettor decides a satisfactory amount to win with his bet. If this value is reached at some point in the game, the withdrawal is made automatically.

Cash Out will be available if the yellow Cash Out symbol appears in front of the game you bet.

Cash Out 1xbet


1xbet is an online bookmaker with a huge range of sports betting available. There are almost 30 different sports, from the preferred such as football, volleyball, MMA, basketball and tennis to sports almost unknown to most Brazilians such as dice, cricket and rugby.

You never stop betting on 1xbet for lack of options, especially if you are passionate about football.


1xbet Exchange is the largest betting exchange in existence. It allows you to bet against other players, with odds set by yourself. 1xbet’s only job is to hold the money until the bet is finalized. For intermediation, 1xbet charges a small percentage on the winning bet.

Let’s exemplify:

You are player 1, bet R $ 100 that team A will win and set odds 4.0. The bet is not confirmed until another player, in this case player 2, bets that team A will not win. If team a wins, you win the bet and player 2 pays you R $ 400. If team A draws or loses, player 2 receives his original $ 100 bet.

The only disadvantage of the 1xbet Exchange is that some minor sporting events may not be interesting to other bettors, who end up not betting against you. In that case, we recommend that you look for bets for these events in the sports betting portion of 1xbet.

Read more about 1xbet Exchange .

1xbet Exchange


1xbet is not just a normal bookmaker, where the odds are set by itself. In your betting exchange, you can decide your own odds and bet against other users. This way, your chance of winning a bet can be up to 20% higher than in classic bookmakers. To profit from your betting exchange, 1xbet charges a fee on winning bets. This fee varies between 2% and 5%, depending on the points you have collected on the 1xbet Exchange.


1xbet offers a huge selection of casino games, which are divided into slots, jackpots, live casino, roulette, blackjack, Hold’em casino, poker and virtual games. You can also participate in a casino loyalty program, which has three different levels: Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

  • 1xbet Live Casino

1xbet’s live casino offers games such as roulette, blackjack, hold’em, baccarat and sic bo. It is an excellent option for those who want to feel in a real casino without leaving the comfort of their home. At the 1xbet live casino, you can follow the games via videos, as well as interact with other players and a real dealer.


300% up to R $ 1000 + 20 free spins


Receive a bonus of up to $ 1000 when making your first deposit at 1xbet Casino:

  • Click on the “Request” button and get quick access to the 1xbet website
  • Create a 1xbet account
  • Make a deposit of at least $ 50
  • Receive a bonus of the same amount deposited, up to a maximum of R $ 1000

Terms and conditions:

  • New users only
  • 35x rollover bonus amount
  • Shelf life 7 days


1xbet uses the ipoker network, one of the largest in the world. It is available to all players, regardless of their level. However, the disadvantage is that the network is not compatible with Mac or Linux computers.

1xbet has a VIP Club for its poker players. This club has three different levels: bronze, silver and gold. The more you play, the more advantages you have.


The mobile version of the 1xbet website has all the features found in the desktop version. You can access all bets, whether on the sports market, on the 1xbet Exchange or on other products. In addition, you can search for sports, choose from the various market options available, check your account balance and, of course, bet. 1xbet Exchange also allows Cash Out through mobile devices.

1xbet on mobile devices

  • 1xbet Applications

1xbet offers three different applications; one for the casino, one for the sports market and one for the 1xbet Exchange. The applications are excellent and offer the best experience possible, allowing you to experience all the features of the website on your mobile device, betting with quality wherever you are. On the other hand, due to the amount of resources available, it may take a little while to adapt completely with the applications.

1xbet is a British-born bookmaker that is known for offering excellent odds and that can boast of having the largest and most sophisticated betting exchange system in the world, its famous 1xbet Exchange. It is the largest betting website in the United Kingdom and has become one of the best and most reputable in the world, also in Spain.

At Miscasasdeapuestas we are very familiar with this betting site, and in fact many of us have an account open at 1xbet. Apart from its many positive aspects, it even offers some disadvantages, which we have tried to reflect in this analysis that we put at your disposal.

The fact that 1xbet is one of our favorites is something that you can simply understand if you take a look at its sports betting section , where you will see that above all it stands out its wide selection of odds and the quality of them in all kinds of football matches .

1xbet’s welcome offers certainly are a good alternative, offering different types of bonuses for sports betting

Its hallmark and star product is undoubtedly its betting exchange system – the 1xbet Exchange – which in addition to being the first to be launched on the market, today remains the largest and best in the world.

The system allows you to play against other bettors as opposed to against the house itself , which can be an edge for 1xbet because it does not have to be concerned about setting odds in its favor, but rather about charging you a small commission on the winnings of its customers. But the most important thing for you … is that the Exchange translates into better odds.

1xbet’s live streaming is quality, although it may not be on the same level as Bet365 or William Hill. If we refer to your casino , 1xbet offers a wide range of game options , as well as numerous offers and campaigns from which you can benefit as a customer.


  • Excellent offer for sports betting, particularly for soccer
  • Very good cashout function and good match streaming service
  • The most effective odds on your betting exchange system, the Exchange


  • Browsing the web may be difficult for first-time bettors
  • Availability of quotas in the Exchange for minority sports, and for second-level competitions in the main sports.

* Although the payment methods are more than sufficient, we will have to withdraw funds by the same means as the one used to enter – if it allows it. Although this is a security measure, it can be a discomfort in some instances.


5 X € 20 Free bets


1xbet welcomes new customers with a large welcome bonus of up to € 100. Place 5 bets of € 10 and you will receive € 20 in free bets. Do the same operation 5 times and you will receive 5 free bets of € 20. Minimum odds 1.50

To qualify for this welcome bonus you must follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Request link
  2. Open a 1xbet account with the code ZAB444.
  3. Make a deposit and 5 simple bets in the Sportsbook, of at least € 10 each, at odds of 1.5 or higher.
  4. Receive a € 20 bonus in free bets
  5. If you repeat the operation 5 times, you receive a total of € 100 in free bets

Important terms and conditions:

  • The promotion is not applicable if you make the deposit with Neteller or Skrill (Moneybookers)
  • You must place bets within 30 days after opening the account
  • Any bet you make over € 10 has the same effects as a € 10 bet for the promotion
  • You will receive your free bets within 24 hours after the last of your bets has been closed.
  • You will have 30 days to use the free bet bonuses, which you can bet on any market but at minimum odds of 1.50
  • It is not possible to combine the bonuses with any other offer or promotion


A large part associated with the offers that 1xbet launches are regarding football , and in many cases it is attractive promotions of improved odds , the 1xbet Super Odds . There is also a permanent campaign called Golden Goa ls , whereby if you correctly predict the score in 6 football matches, you will have the chance to win a Jackpot – jackpot – of € 200,000

In addition to soccer promos, you can find the Price Rush and Seguro Edge combined . In the latter, you will be refunded the money wagered on triple or higher combination bets that you make if you fail by a single selection. For its part, with the Price Rush 1xbet increases certain quotas of its Sportsbook in cases in which the quotas available on the Exchange are dramatically higher than on the Sportsbook … then 1xbet will carry out a Price Rush to bring them closer to those of the Exchange.

In relation to the casino , apart from the excellent welcome bonus that we have already talked about, you will have two other welcome offers that you can choose as a new customer: € 30 bonus and 30 free spins if you make a first deposit of € 10 minimum ; or € 40 and 50 free spins if your first deposit is € 20 or more.

In addition, this betting website runs a premium casino club, the 1xbet Casino Vip Club , in which five levels of merit are established to reward the most loyal players. To enter 1st of the levels you will need to accumulate 1000 points in the casino, and from there you’ll be able to advance in levels as you accumulate 1xbet Comp Point


1xbet was founded in 1999, the year it launched its sports betting exchange system, the Exchange, which has been a resounding success ever since. Based on it, 1xbet has been expanding its offer and currently also offers poker, casino and sports betting through the sportsbook – a system in which you bet against the house itself, as in the rest of the betting pages.

Today 1xbet is automatically associated with the Exchange, and in fact the company’s focus continues to be to provide the most effective service in it because that is what makes it unique in relation to other competitors. The system devised by 1xbet is still the largest of this existing betting exchanges, and the figures prove it: it records 5 million transactions a day, has 3 million members and is available in 17 languages.

If you are a football fan you have probably seen the 1xbet logo, or maybe you have seen it and you have not realized it, but the fact is that it is everywhere because the company sponsors or has sponsored several first level football teams – Barcelona, ​​Seville, Juventus, Arsenal. In addition, it currently sponsors the basketball portion of Real Madrid.


1xbet welcomes new Sportsbook customers with a huge sportsbook bonus that allows you to get up to € 100, spread over five free bets of € 20 each. As a Sportsbook customer, you will have at your disposal a selection of around 30 different sports disciplines.

You will find excellent coverage of major sports, but they also have others such as bowling, surfing, and even fees on issues regarding politics. Although it has traditionally focused on British sports, today its offer is very complete, and we believe that you will hardly miss a sport in which you are interested in betting.


But above all there is football, where 1xbet does its best. In the Sportsbook you will find a extensive selection of matches from all over the world. While 1xbet has its primary focus on UK football, currently their football team as a whole is excellent overall.

What we like about the sportsbook is both its selection of bets and its originality … you can make special bets of the style: player of the year in a league, the number of corners in a football match, or what will be the next team in a specific coach or player.

Although your website may not look the most effective in the world, it is better than it looks. You will find practically all the leagues, matches and types of football bets; And we can assure you that you will not find better odds on football bets than the 1xbet Exchange .

If you like to bet on the Spanish League, but also on the Bundesliga, the Premier or the Italian Serie A… we recommend without hesitation that you use 1xbet’s services, where you can also watch live broadcasts while making live bets.

At 1xbet, football is the king of sports


1xbet offers practically all kinds of tennis betting options on its Sportsbook , not just before the game but also during the game . Of course, tennis is also available on the Exchange and is a highly recommended alternative for the main tennis competitions , where a large number of bettors exchange bets with each other and you can take advantage of above-average return percentages.


1xbet offers a wide variety of basketball matches and leagues to bet on in its Sportsbook. You can find everything from the NBA to the European leagues and the Euroleague , but also competitions in Asia or South America . In the Exchange, however, the options are less, so our recommendation is that you go to the 1xbet betting exchange system only in the big events, such as the Olympics, the Euroleague, the Basketball World Cup or the Euroleague.


1xbet also offers odds to bet on eSports on its Spanish website. Although it started quietly in this market, it has been expanding its offer and currently offers a very interesting product to bet on the most popular video games with the greatest following: Dota 2, Overwatch, Call of Duty, Starcraft 2 and CS: GO .


Bet live on 1xbet

If you like to bet live, 1xbet is definitely a good choice . It is important to note that the live betting service 1xbet works equally well on the Exchange in the Sportsbook . In principle, you can bet on all available football matches, as well as a good number of other sports and markets. When betting live, you will have useful information and statistics courtesy of 1xbet.

1xbet live streaming

The live streaming service for this betting site, 1xbet Video, offers a good selection of sporting events . You will be able to follow in real time basketball matches of the NBA, Euroleague and the main European leagues; tennis matches of top-level competitions or football matches of some European leagues, but also others such as volleyball or darts.

Cash Out at 1xbet

1xbet’s cashout feature is among the best on the market . It is easy to use and is available for most parties and markets , but the most interesting thing about the cashout 1xbet is offering the opportunity to do so with all the aposta amount given , or a portion (cash partial out) – so that you can choose exactly the amount of your bet that you want to recover before the end of the event in question, leaving the remaining part active until the end of it

1xbet Tips

1xbet offers tips and advice on sports betting on its website, especially for major competitions and European football leagues, as well as articles on tennis, basketball and motor sports among others.

The 1xbet Exchange


The games that you will find in the 1xbet casino have not been developed by the company itself, but rather specialized software companies provide the online casino games to 1xbet – IGT, Nextgen and Playtech

One of the great advantages of this casino is that you decide whether to play through its website directly, downloading the mobile app, or downloading the program to your computer to be able to play from your desktop – and the three options work really well.

Slots at 1xbet

You will have a direct access tab to the slots from the 1xbet home page, or through the casino tab. In this section you will have at your disposal more than a hundred different slot machines; You will find them encouraged by movies, sports, superheroes … there is everything and everyone’s taste. In addition, they have enabled a search engine so that you can find your favorite slot faster.

Board and card games at 1xbet

In the 1xbet casino you will be able to play different types of roulette – American, European and French – and also card games: Pontoon and 10 different types of Blackjack – and with the plus that in all games you can start playing Play in demo mode to familiarize yourself with the rules and without risking your own startup money.

Jackpots – jackpots

If you are looking to hit a good ball gambling in the casino, it is clear that the jackpot slots – in the Jackpot tab – is the place where you should try. Upon accessing you will see the different slots and in each one the amount that is amassing in the Jackpot. Go for it!

Live Casino

At 1xbet they also have a live casino, although there is only one option: a live roulette. The advantage? Which can be available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week . When playing, you follow professional dealers – who are in a studio or in a real casino – via webcam and you can use the chat function to communicate with the rest of the players , thus experiencing sensations similar to those of a concrete casino and brick … but from the comfort of your corner.


Not all online bookmakers offer Poker, but 1xbet’s extensive offering does. To start playing, all you have to do is go to the poker section and download 1xbet Poker. 1xbet poker is connected to the Ipoker network, one of the largest poker networks in the world.

At 1xbet poker there are interesting options for all types of players, regardless of the level and type of poker in question – they have several variants of Texas Hold’em and Omaha – as well as numerous Sit & Go and multi-table tournaments .

If you are a beginner, at 1xbet you will have the advantage of being able to find a guide on the basic principles and strategic concepts of the game. However, since the Ipoker network brings together clients from different betting websites whose main focus is sports betting, more experienced poker players at 1xbet can sometimes benefit from the low level of some players on the network.


1xbet has always been at the forefront of mobile betting development. They have invested numerous resources in improving the options available on mobile devices, they have a mobile version of their website and different apps. In addition, betting with your mobile at 1xbet is possible for both Android phones and iPhone / iPad, as the apps are available in both cases.

1xbet Exchange app

We like this 1xbet app! It’s easy to use and intuitive, and it has the same layout as the rest of its apps, making things easier for avid gamers like us. It has convinced us because it seems just as easy for us to place a bet on the Exchange through the app than through the website itself.

1xbet Sportsbook app

Through this app you will have access to all the 1xbet promos and a large number of functions, such as cashout or edge insurance, and it also allows you to place combined bets. Also, as with the Exchange app, you can follow some events live – streaming – through 1xbet video.

1xbet Casino App

The 1xbet casino app offers the same selection as the website. Like the rest of the apps, it is easy to use and well designed. We also liked the fact that we could find all the promotions available on the web there.